What We Do

Promoting the Advancement of Educational Psychology in Nigeria

We engage in activities aimed at the development of Educational Psychology as a functional part of the society and its application to solve problems in the education system. Our services include:

Promoting Educational Psychology as a field of practice.

  • We engage in activities targeted at promoting the practice of educational psychology in the country. 
  • We are committed to creating awareness about the significance of Educational Psychology for successful learning.
  • We also provide opportunities for educational psychologists to apply their knowledge in improving the society.

Training & Professional Development

Every practitioner must constantly upskill to remain effective. We provide training services for Educational Psychologists to learn new skills for effective delivery and practice. 

Professional Networking for Practitioners

We create a space for educational psychologists to share information, ideas, opportunities, as well as collaborate to find solutions to problems in the education space.

Professional Networking for Practitioners Research & Publication

We encourage, promote, and engage in research to discover new solutions to learning & education. 

We explore avenues to improve the teaching-learning process, and all other factors related to advancing education.

We also proffer solutions to schools, families, and policy makers on best practices to improve the sector.

Research findings are published in our journal.