About Us

In Pursuit To Reshape Education

Association of Nigerian Educational Psychologists

ANEP is a professional body for educational psychologists in Nigeria. We bring together educational psychologists across the country to promote research & development in the field of learning, and awareness creation on the importance of educational psychology in the society. 


Our Vision

our main purpose is to help educators and students gain a better knowledge o human nature so that they may better encourage and direct learning, growth and behaviour. The value of educational psychology as a discipline is becoming more widely recognised. 


Our Mission

The Association of Nigerian Educational Psychologists has three goals; to advance and transmit knowledge about educational psychological processes, to provide a strong foundation in the basic knowledge and skills required for advanced study and practice in educational psychology, and to provide the affordability and competence required for successful careers. 

What we do

We are committed to promoting the advancement, integration, and application of the knowledge of educational psychology to improve education and the society as a whole. We engage in: 

  • Publicity and awareness to help people know more about educational psychology and its significance.
  • Professional Networking for practitioners: We provide a platform for educational psychologists to engage with other practitioners to improve their practice, discover new opportunities, and team up to find solutions.
  • Training & Professional Development: We organize trainings for educational psychologists to help them advance their career and gain new knowledge.
  • Research & Development: We conduct research to discover novel solutions in the education sector.

Our Objectives

  • To promote awareness of the significance of educational psychology in the society
  • To develop systems and processes that will improve the education sector
  • To provide Educational Psychologists with opportunity to practice their knowledge
  • To help children learn better and address any learning challenges
  • To provide timely solutions for learning problems that children may have.

Our team

Eniola Olajobi


Nkem Adeniran-Adedokun

Vice President